everything you need to transition into full professional status

how hatch helps

hatch curates the support services that you need, from established and respected services built by the teaching profession

hatch provides unique services to its members, assisting teachers in gaining their qualifications, managing accreditation and entering the workforce

hatch provides direct access to members of the profession to help teachers access benefits built through teacher professional bodies for members of the profession

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about hatch

For teachers, by teachers


hatch is a not-for-profit online service to help new teachers. Here on hatchDASH you will find every major support you need to transition into full professional status.

hatch is a free membership based service. It works through existing professional bodies and related not-for-profit organisations.

Teachers holding recognised teaching qualifications, or enrolled in teacher education courses at recognised institutions are entitled to hatch membership.


hatch is free for qualified individuals using the hatch service.

For more information please contact hatch or any of our affiliate organisations.

hatch charter

Quality school education is a universal right of children and young people, in the interests of individuals, communities and societies

Quality school education is predicated on high quality teaching, for all students, in all circumstances

Teachers are defined as individuals who hold formally recognised tertiary teaching qualifications and who meet standards of practice that are defined, judged and recognised through the teaching profession

The teaching profession is constituted by teachers so defined, in alignment with teacher representative professional organisations

Only members of the teaching profession should be engaged to undertake teachers’ work

Effective and ethical school support and supervisory practice is built on teachers’ professional judgment and standards of practice defined by the teaching profession

Members of the teaching profession with administrative responsibilities provide in-school support for teachers at all levels, from graduate teacher, to achieve, maintain and defend professional standards

Professional teaching standards address and actively support universal access and opportunity for quality schooling for all

The teaching profession as a whole, and its individual members, are ethically and actively committed to supporting the principles, precepts and standards of teachers’ professional practice in the interests of all students, teachers and the community, globally.

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