Casual Teachers Craving a Job Appointment

Most casual teachers crave a permanent job appointment. That shouldn’t be a surprise.

Working as a casual teacher will mean eventually not getting paid as much as a permanent teacher who, of course, progresses further up the pay scale, or even a temporary appointment in many circumstances. But that is not the main concern for most casual teachers. It really is about job satisfaction.

Sure, at the front of anyone’s mind is paying bills then maybe even saving. This is particularly the case if you’ve just committed years to study and are only just beginning a career. But few people look to be limited to daily teaching jobs - whatever’s available. Most people want to take advantage of the full range of professional opportunities.

At the heart of this is an eagerness to exercise the gamut of professional skills. Almost at the heart of being a professional teacher is taking responsibility for a whole class undertaking a whole unit of study. The oversight of the planning and development of a unit of work, shaping its presentation according to the responsiveness of students; and assessing and feeding back to students entails a wide range of teaching tasks that most individual teaching jobs do not fully allow for.

In the end, taking responsibility for students’ development and learning in a holistic way is what provides professional teaching satisfaction. This doesn’t occur in short stints or in a scattering of a day’s work. Watching students and engaging in their development is what individual teachers train for and what they are entitled to try and implement.

Of course, professional interaction with colleagues is an important part of any teaching job. A casual teacher will typically develop professional relationships and get some satisfaction from them, but not to the same extent and satisfaction as is possible in a longer term professional and supportive environment.

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